The Royal Astronomical Society Summer Exhibition this year will be taking place from the 2nd to the 8th of July.  This year, the UCL astrophysics department will helping out with the JWST exhibition, talking with visitors about the amazing science of the James Webb Telescope.

The James Webb Telescope (or JWST for short) is currently scheduled to launch in 2021 and will study how galaxies, stars, and our solar system formed.  It is the successor to the groundbreaking Hubble Telescope, featuring a greater sensitivity and a higher resolution.  More than 1000 scientists from all around the globe have so far been involved in the planning and development of JWST with the UK contributing MIRI, the mid-infrared instrument on board the spacecraft.  Scientists hope that data obtained with JWST will help solve some of the most pressing questions of astrophysics.  Some examples include:

  • Was there ever life on Mars?
  • Why do exoplanetary systems look so different from the solar system?
  • What did the first galaxies look like?

If you want to know more about JWST and learn about all the other cool stuff on display, come on down to the Royal Society!  For information on how to get there, please click here.