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Journal Articles

2) Dust survival rates in clumps passing through the Cas A reverse shock I: results for a range of clump densities

Authors: Florian Kirchschlager Franziska D. Schmidt, M. J. Barlow, Erica L. Fogerty, Antonia Bevan, Felix D. Priestley
Journal: MNRAS (2019, accepted)
arXiv: 1908.10875

1) Dynamical friction for supersonic motion in a homogeneous gaseous medium

Authors: Daniel Thun, Rolf Kuiper, Franziska Schmidt, Wilhelm Kley
Journal: A&A 589, A10 (2016)
DOI: 10.1051/0004-6361/201527629

Two publications are currently in preparation.


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PI: Prof M. J. Barlow (UCL)
Project ID: ACSP190
Description: 280k on Data Intensive Cambridge for ERC project SNDUST.


» 2019

Poster Prize at DiRAC Day 2019