Franziska Schmidt



I’m Franziska Schmidt (she/her), a PhD student in computational astrophysics at UCL working with Prof. Mike J. Barlow.

My main research interests are stellar formation & evolution, cosmic dust, and the development of research software. As a member of the SNDUST team, I am currently developing computational models for dust destruction in supernova remnants.

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Recent Highlights

Upcoming Online Talk!

May 2020

I will be giving a talk for Astronomy on Tap London on the the 27th of May.


New Paper!

March 2020

New SNDUST paper about grain growth in supernova remanants due to ion trapping on the arXiv: Kirchschlager et al., 2020!


Diploma Club Talk @ UCL

December 2020

On the 16th of January, I’ll be giving the UCL Diploma Club Talk about dust in supernova remnants and computational astrophysics.


Upcoming (German) Online Talk!

May 2020

On the 21st of May I’ll be talking about cosmic dust & supernovae for Faszination Astronomie Online.


UCL's Your Universe

February 2020

UCL’s Your Universe festival is taking place on the 6th and 7th of March this year! Our team will be there to talk about stellar evolution and guide you through a VR simulation of a supernova remnant!


New Paper!

August 2019

New SNDUST paper about dust survival rates in Cas A available on the arXiv: Kirchschlager et al., 2019!

New HPC time!

March 2020

We were awarded 4.5 million core hours by DiRAC for the SNDUST project!


Lunch Talk @ Cardiff

December 2020

I’ll be giving the Astro Lunch Talk at Cardiff University on the 9th of January!