Franziska Schmidt

Astrophysics PhD Student

Franziska Schmidt

Coding Instructor

Franziska Schmidt

Science Communication


I’m Franziska, a PhD student in computational¬†astrophysics at University College London (UCL), UK.¬† My main research interests are stellar formation & evolution, cosmic dust, and the development of research software. Currently, I’m working on simulations of dust destruction in supernova remnants using the MHD code AstroBEAR.

In my spare time, I give evening and weekend coding courses at the City Literary Institute near Holborn.

To get in touch, please use the contact form or drop me an email!

About Me

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Meetings & Talks

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Grow From Your STEM

I was an invited speaker and panellist at a Women in STEM event organised by the Department for BEIS. Had a fantastic time and was asked some great questions from the young women attending, some of which are summarized in this post.

The Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition

A couple of colleauges from UCL and I are taking part in the JWST exhibition at the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition.

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